Cataract FAQs

The formation of cataracts occurs when proteins in the eye get thick and clump together, making it harder for light to pass through. When cataracts form, your lens becomes cloudy and it becomes difficult for you to see. This condition occurs primarily due to age. Eye injury, medication, and nutritional deficiency can also cause cataracts.


If you are experiencing visual impairment, you may think, "I want an eye doctor near me" to check your vision. Barry P. August O.D, P.C. has provided residents of Bloomfield Hills, MI with reliable eye care services for over 35 years. Following are the answers to several questions our optometrist frequently receives regarding cataracts.

Are Cataracts Common? 

Yes. Over 3 million people in the U.S. undergo cataract surgery each year.

Why Would an Optometrist Suggest Waiting for Surgery If He Sees Cataracts?

Like many conditions, cataracts have different stages. An optometrist may be waiting for the cataract to reach the stage at which surgery is required. Mild cataracts don't require surgery and can be managed with corrective lenses.

How Long Does Cataract Surgery Last?

The surgery itself is very short and takes less than an hour to complete. You will have prep time before surgery. Our eye doctor will apply eye drops to dilate your eyes and anesthetics to number your eye so you don't experience any pain during the surgery.

What Happens After the Surgery?

You will leave wearing an eye patch on your eye to prevent any foreign partials from getting in your eye. An eye patch also protects your eye from being accidentally hit or scratched. This eye patch should also be worn at night when sleeping. You may have eye drops or other medications you will need to continue taking. You may need to wear glasses after the cataract surgery is performed for at least a while. If you usually wear glasses, that prescription may change after the surgery.

How Long Is the Recovery Time?

You may experience mild soreness for a few days. Most patients see an improvement in their vision the next day, and it should continue to improve over the next several months.

Can I Get Surgery on Both Eyes If They Have Cataracts?

Our doctor will recommend that you have the eye with the denser cataract done first. After that eye fully heals, surgery can be performed on the other eye.

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